Christina (twilightsun) wrote in dem_forum,

Activism graphics anyone?

The election isn't far away. I wanted to get more into the campaign, so I started a new community: realppl4change

Please join and spread the word on your own journal. I'm making graphics like mine for anyone who wants them. Want one?

If posting this stepped on anyone's toes, please feel free to delete it.
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Thanks for wasting your vote on a corporate controlled elitist plutocrat. Im going to be working my ass off, near 40 hours a week, to barely survive in a small apartment without healthcare. John Kerry isnt going to help me there. So, thanks, for wasting your vote.
While I applaud your support of Nader as a better candidate, he cannot beat George W. Bush. The unfortunate side affect of a predominantly two party system does not allow for election of third party candidates. Between Bush and Kerry, Kerry is the better choice. Bush is the one presiding over the economy in which people like you and me slave away to merely survive. I did my stint without health care, and I'd choose not to do it again. You want to talk to me about wasted votes? A vote for Nader is as good as a vote for Bush, because we need John Kerry to beat Bush. Give me an election year where a sitting President doesn't stand to run our country into further ruin with his re-election, and then we'll talk about voting for Nader. Nader isn't stealing any votes from Bush supporters. Their ideologies are too far apart. Get Bush out of the White House, and then we'll talk about it.