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In my Journalism class I am to find different opinions of people about President Bush. To makes things a little easier if you could please just post your e-mail address, phone number, or whatever method you would like to be contacted by, I will then contact you and conduct the "interview" and go from there.

THE QUESTION: "Do you agree with the spending President Bush is doing for the war in Iraq? Why or why not."

WHAT IS NEEDED: I need to find people whom I do not know and gather their responses and present them to my professor. Basically, if you would be so kind as to post your e-mail address I will e-mail you the main question along with your name, contact info. etc and take your information down. Apparently my professor is contacting our 'subjects' to ensure they exsist and we did not know them prior to asking the question, etc.

I would greatly appreciate your help with this. Please understand that your opinion(s) would only be shared between yourself, myself and my professor, however, if you do not feel confortable offering your opinion I understand.
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